At McKenna Pihlaja, we take winning very seriously. It takes smarts, innovation and shoe leather to win elections in this highly polarized political environment. Our goal at McKenna Pihlaja is to out work, out smart and out shine the competition. 

Our job is to make sure the voters get to know you as a person – get to know your values. Elections are a choice between candidates, between philosophies, between ideas. At McKenna Pihlaja, we want to “tell candidates’ stories in a such a compelling way that voters wouldn’t think of choosing anyone else.” (Daily Record)

In addition to telling your story on television, we will help you build the strongest campaign possible. Washington Post's Chris Cillizza wrote, McKenna Pihlaja aims to be "deeply the building and day-to-day strategy of the campaigns with which they work."  Winning takes a great deal of work – and we want to be partners with you.